Fonds K

About us

In the 2000s, Krug began looking into scientific studies establishing a link between sound and taste perception. The House conducted many experiments and applied these discoveries to the creation and tasting of its champagnes. Around this time, archives from the musical past of the Krug family resurfaced. Over the years, the House has forged strong ties with research institutions in acoustics and music and created immersive installations at the Family House in Reims.

These experiments are guided by a conviction: music can be a true vector of progress and innovation. This is why, in 2019, upon the initiative of Margareth Henriquez, the House created the Fonds K to provide financial support, in France and abroad, for projects of public interest where music and sound are put to the service of a better world.

The Fonds K is also a shared adventure. Beyond the House of Krug, it brings together generous donors who wish to join forces for the common good. We warmly thank them for their valuable support.